How to Ease Back Pain By Choosing the Best Office Chair

Do you spend a lot of time at your desk? Do you experience neck and back pain after sitting on the chair for hours at a stretch? You need to think about your sitting posture and your chair.

Office chairs are specifically designed for sitting for a long time, so it’s important to choose yours accordingly. There are different designs and styles, but its effectiveness in preventing back pain should also be considered.


This post shares tips from a reputable furniture store for choosing the right office chair to prevent back pain.

How to Choose the Best Office Chairs for Back Pain

There are several important factors to consider when choosing a suitable office chair:

  • Lumbar Support

When you sit for hours at your desk, a chair with alleviated lumbar support is a good choice. Sturdy and soft lumbar support will prevent backaches. Some of these chairs also come with adjustable features so you can fit it to the contours of your back.

  • Adjustability

Adjustable chair components allow the person sitting to adjust seat height, slant, arm length and height. Since our bodies are all different, it’s essential that you choose your chair accordingly. As such customization is not possible for office chairs, many of them come with adjustable features instead.

  • Balance and Comfort

Many people are sensitive to the fabric used in office chairs. Others are rubbed the wrong way by the seat or backrest. This leads to incorrect posture and, in turn, backache.

The best way to avoid such issues is to choose chairs made from a breathable fabric like mesh. The seat should also have sufficient padding to prevent backache or neck pain.

  • Sit to Check 

The ideal way to find the best office chair for back pain is to sit on each and check it thoroughly. Note the following things:

  • Adjust the back such that you can sit upright and your knees are resting a few inches away from the edge.
  • Your feet should touch the ground.
  • Your knees must form a 90° angle.
  • The seat should be comfortable.
  • Your back should feel properly supported.
  • 15° Tilt

Some people prefer a chair that leans slightly backward; others prefer a rigidly straight back. Hence, selecting a chair suitable for everyone in the office can be tricky. A 15° tilt of the backrest is considered universally comfortable. Hence, when choosing an office chair, look for options with a very slightly tilted backrest, or, better still, one with adjustable tilt.

  • Seat Height 

A seat that’s too high will leave your feet dangling, and when this continues for hours, your legs will feel heavy and painful. While this doesn’t have any direct connection to your back pain, the discomfort in your knees and thighs can trigger lower backache. Hence, the seat height should be adjustable so the person using it can position it accordingly.

Choosing a comfortable chair is essential whether it is for your home office, or for your employees. A good furniture store will have many options and can guide you on which design will help you or your employees to maintain a healthy sitting posture.

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