Enhance Your Home Décor with Mirrors


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Mirrors have been a part of human culture for many millennia. They’re used for personal grooming, scientific experimentation, and of course, for décor.

Using mirrors to decorate a home or office is a secret of interior designers throughout the ages. There are a few reasons for this.

First off, classic paintings and curios are expensive, but mirrors aren’t. Secondly, other décor elements might difficult to clean, whereas mirrors require little attention. Thirdly, mirrors can be placed over area with holes, scrapes or other forms of damage. And lastly, well placed mirrors make a room look much larger.

Also, let’s not forget that a well-maintained mirror can last a long time. Layered with protective coatings, mirrors are highly resistant to acids, moisture and liquids.

There are different combinations and styles of mirrors that you can use to spruce up the aesthetics of a room.

Here are a few stylish examples.

Mirror and metal: Imagine a bedroom or lounge with a lustrous oval mirror enclosed within a sparkling stainless steel frame. That’d make for beautiful talking-piece, right? Metal can have other uses than just a frame as it can also be used as a supporting base. If you’re looking for a different colour, then consider getting your mirror with a brass frame or stand.

Mirror and wood: Combing natural wood with a mirror makes for an item that is both elegant and nostalgic. The brown shade of oak has a rustic charm that surrounds a circular glass. The beautiful oak is further enhanced with ornamental peaks at periodic intervals.

Mirror within mirrors: Small, medium and big rectangular mirrors with polished edges can be placed close to one another in a pattern to create the ultimate wall décor. Small mirrors with bevelled edges can be brought together to surround a larger mirror. Basically, you’ll be framing a large mirror with many smaller mirrors for an interesting effect.

Mirrors never go out of fashion as evidenced by their history. Their reflective surfaces and shine have brought beauty and elegance into countless homes throughout the ages. These are only a few of our favourite mirror décor ideas. Please share some of your own with us!

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