Enjoy Your Meals More with Amazing Dining Furniture

A dining space brings the whole family together for a hearty meal. It is where stories of the entire day flow in one after the other. Loved ones discuss their decisions and laments with each other. Then how about furnishing this dear space elegantly? Rather than just picking up any table and chair combination, pick something which can instantly transform the appearance of your dining room. Opt for matching style or different blends, choose something exquisite than ordinary. Let the table be stylish but spacious as per your need, while the chairs can be sleek yet comfortable.


Dining Tables and Chairs – Striking Combinations

  • Rare contrasts: As the name suggests itself, here the dining table and chairs dominantly add allure to the room with their white and brown color combination. The table is made out of solid American Walnut wood with a white colored well-finished top. Likewise, the chair is crafted out of oak wood and consists of white colored seat.
  • All glass magic: The base of table consists of brushed stainless steel, while being topped with clear round-shaped glass. This incredible see-through facet is continued by coupling the dining table with chairs made of chrome legs but transparent polycarbonate bodies. The entire combination gives rise to a floating appearance and makes your room one of a kind.
  • Entirely white: A completely white table will look marvellous on your deep brown colored hardwood floors. The table consists of white colored metallic frames, where the glass is tempered white in color and the legs are made out of high-gloss MDF. Whereas, the chairs complimenting it consist of shimmering stainless steel frame, topped with white colored PU covers. The seating is further horizontally seamed at intervals for a fancy look.
  • Metallic lustre: The exclusivity is obtained with Z-shaped lustrous black metallic base. The top is made from superior quality of American walnut wood with a smooth oil finish. This unique table is joined with chairs of strong steel, upholstered fully in brown colored leather. Hand-stitching is done to ensure that no flaw is left to disappoint a buyer.
  • Lovely ovals: This black colored table consists of an inverted pyramid shaped flat base and the top is of oval shape, the dimension of which can comfortably support eight people. As for the chairs, every chair has frame composed of chrome, where the sitting and back support is again of oval shape. To create a charming contrast, the black table is coupled up with red retro leather chairs.

Few instances of the tremendous collections of dining tables and chairs are waiting to be the new occupants of your dining room. You can come to visit our showroom personally and experience the exquisite uncommonness.

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