Fabric Sofa Vs Leather Sofa: Which is the Best Choice for You?

Buying a sofa for your home is a bit confusing, especially if you have so many options to consider. Since a sofa is an integral part of your living room, the purchase decision should be made after considering many factors, especially the material because the durability of your sofa depends largely on its material. Most people can’t decide between two popular choices, fabric or leather.

Both fabric sofas and leather sofas have their own negatives and positives. But the question is which one is the best choice for you? Let’s find out how these sofas differ and which option will best suit your home.


When it comes to comfort, fabric sofas are the clear winners. They are softer, cosier, more inviting and comfortable compared to their leather counterparts. On the other hand, leather sofas absorb heat, become hot and sticky during the summer and cold during the winter, thus proving uncomfortable for people to sit for a longer duration. However, cushions and frame also play a crucial role in determining the comfort of the sofa.


The variety of colours weaves, and patterns available in fabric sofas is endless whereas leather sofas are available in a limited variety. Therefore, if you believe in experimenting with your living room décor and being creative with your furniture collection, then fabric sofas will be the best bet for you. But, if you want to stick to a sophisticated and elegant look, then leather sofas are good for you.


Leather sofas are more durable compared to the average fabric sofa because of their high-quality material. Unlike fabric sofas that lose their original colour because of wear and tear, leather sofas are more long lasting and retain their original appearance even after many years. However, the durability of the sofa also depends on its upkeep.


Maintenance of both fabric and leather sofas depends on the type of household. Leather sofas are easier to maintain if you have naughty kids at your home as these sofas are easy to clean – you can wipe off the spills with a cloth and a light dusting is enough to keep them free from dust. On the other hand, you cannot remove stains from fabric sofas as easily and regular vacuuming is necessary to keep them dust-free.

Upkeep of leather sofas is impossible if you have pets at home as their claws can create scratches and damage your furniture permanently. On the other hand, if you buy a fabric sofa, you can simply replace the sofa cover with another set and give it a new look.


A leather sofa is more expensive than an average fabric sofa because leather is costlier than natural and synthetic fabrics. If you’re looking for a piece of furniture that lasts long and retains its original shine and beauty, then a leather sofa is a good investment piece. However, if you want to be flexible with your décor by upgrading your furniture collection, then invest in a fabric sofa as it will cost less and you won’t feel bad in replacing it after few years.

Your choice of sofa depends largely on your household and type of use. Use the above mentioned comparative analysis and decide whether a leather sofa is a right choice for you or a fabric sofa will best suit you. If you have made your choice, then you can go to our furniture store in Toronto and select a suitable sofa from our exclusive collection.

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