A Guide to Buying Pet-Friendly Furniture for Your Home

Every pet owner will agree to the fact that maintaining nice looking furniture is difficult when you have furry friends roaming around the house. From couches to throw pillows, all the upholstery is covered with pet hair and the furniture pieces are marred with scratches. This is unavoidable, since your pets are part of your family and you can’t lock them up in a room to keep them from damaging your furniture.

The best way to overcome these pet challenges and keep your furniture in good shape is to buy pet-friendly furniture for your home. To help you with the selection, here’s a quick guide to buying furniture pieces that can live with your pet.

Choose Fabric with Care

Your upholstery choice while buying couches and sofas makes a big difference in determining the future condition of your furniture. Wool and velvet fabrics are a big no-no as they catch hair and your pet’s fur will get caught in the fabric, making it difficult to clean.
Microfiber and any other tightly-woven fabrics are good pet-friendly options. They don’t get scratched and you can easily remove the hair with a lint brush. Leather or pleather is also a pet-friendly choice as it repels hair, suffers minor scratches and doesn’t absorb stains.

Consider the Colour and Print

Apart from upholstery material, the colour and print are also important when you’re looking for pet-tolerant furniture. If your pet has white fur, then choose a fabric in white tones to conceal the hair and if your pet has black or grey fur, then a dark-coloured fabric will do.
There are many dogs who have tri-coloured furs, such as beagles or a german shepherds. In such cases, you should go for printed fabric in medium toned greys with hints of charcoal, brown and black.

Buy Straight-Lined, Sturdy Furniture

Soft furniture pieces like loveseats and couches are not good options for you if you live with pets, because they are extremely comfortable pieces where your pets would love to sit and relax, causing unintentional damage.
Instead of buying loose shaped furniture pieces, consider buying straight-lined furniture such as recliner sofas and wicker sectionals. These pieces are sturdy, durable and might not be relaxing enough for them to stay for long.

Choose Furniture with Zippers

Furniture with zippers on pillows and cushions are great choices for a home with pets. This allows you to remove the dirty covers with pet hair or stains and clean them in the washer. If the fabric supports dry cleaning, then sending them for dry cleaning is a better option.

Dedicate a Piece for Your Pet

Consider buying a bed for your furry friend to give him/her a dedicated place. There are many furniture stores in Toronto that offer a wide variety of pet furniture. A pet bed will be the perfect way of distracting your animal from damaging your furniture as they have one piece especially for them.

Every pet owner loves his/her furry ‘best friend’, irrespective of the damage they cause to the furniture. Buying pet-friendly furniture is an easy way of resolving the rivalry between your pet and your furniture pieces. Follow this guide whenever you go to buy from modern furniture stores in Toronto for your home to find items that are ideal to face the pet challenges.

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