How to Decorate Around a Flat-Screen TV (10 Great Ideas)

Flat-screen TVs are more than just a source of information and entertainment. If properly decorated, they function as a focal point for your living room. But to achieve that you need to smartly accessorize around it. For instance, modern flat-screen TV stands are there to support your TV, but they need to be wider than the box itself. So there’s the question of space.



Even then there are plenty of ways you can decorate around your TV and stand. The sleek design of the flat screen makes your work easier because you can place it anywhere in the room. This versatility also offers a variety of ways to decorate around it.

10 Ways to Accessorize Around Your Flat-Screen TV Stand

The objective here is to make your entertainment unit look like part of your decor. Here are a few tips you can implement, or take inspiration from.

  1. Use Odd Numbers for Grouping

A practical way to instantly make your living room look better is to group any kind of accessories in odd numbers. Groups of three, five and seven look more visually appealing than even-numbered ones.

Another idea is to make groups of different shapes and sizes that somehow complement each other and have something in common. For example, group three same-coloured vases made from the same material and with the same texture but in different shapes and sizes as a centrepiece on the TV stand.

  1. Mix and Match Accessories

Don’t shy away from creating a bold statement with different accessories, textures, paintings and even greenery. Mix and match different items to see what looks best together. Place them on the top of the TV stand or on the wall around it, as your interior design permits.

  1. Create a Focal Point

The top of the TV stand is often left bare, with many homeowners unable to figure out the best way to use the space.

Instead of cluttering it with stacks of magazines or tchotchkes, create a cluster of decorative accessories to draw the viewer’s gaze as they enter the room. This also draws attention away from any clutter.

Creating the focal point doesn’t necessarily mean just the top of the console table but also the wall above it, so let your creativity flow.

  1. Install Additional Lights

A pair of table lamps on either side of the TV stand or dimmer bulbs around the TV can create a warm and soothing ambience. You can also place a few thick, aromatic candles that have a beautiful texture. The key is to ensure that the area around the stand remains the room’s focal point even when the TV isn’t on.

  1. Make a Wall-mounted Book Shelf

If you’re a bibliophile hard-pressed for space, make wall-mounted bookshelves around your TV stand. Install floating shelves above and a pair of free-standing bookshelves on each side. Fill them with brightly-coloured paperbacks or hardcovers. This not only gives your living room a colourful facelift but is evidence of your personality and taste.

  1. Create a Wall Gallery

A wall gallery framing a floating TV stand is another way to maximize use of your wall. The pictures to be hung, the style and number of frames, and the overall design is up to you. Just consider the available wall space and size of the room so the result doesn’t appear too crowded or bare.

  1. Complement the Design with Additional Gadgets

To convert your living room into a home theatre with a high-quality audiovisual experience, you’ll need to install several add-ons and gadgets. Choose pieces that are similar in design to your TV.

Also, hide any wire and plugs to give your living room an elegant finish, especially around the TV stand. The companion pieces not only make the most of the available space but also create a symmetry in your decor.

  1. Install Mirrors Strategically

Mirrors can be used in different ways to make a room appear larger and brighter. One idea is to strategically hang mirrors on the wall opposite the TV. When you turn it on, the light will reflect off the mirrors and make your room appear brighter and more spacious. If you have additional lights installed in and around the TV stand, they will also be reflected by the mirror.

  1. Try to Maintain Symmetry

Be it electrical add-ons or simple decorative accessories, try maintaining symmetry. Buy a pair of free-standing speakers and place them on either side of a floating TV stand. This applies to any decorative pieces being positioned the same way, including potted plants.

  1. Invest in Quality Wall Art

An easy and affordable way to add visual interest around a wall-mounted TV is by using vinyl wall decals or simple wall art. This can be a painting or a sculpted piece of wall-mounted art that complements the texture, colour and style of your TV stand.

Another way is to paint the wall on which the TV is mounted with a dark colour or choose textured painting methods.

Additional Decor Tips Considering Your TV Stand’s Design

By taking the design and style of your TV stand into consideration, you can devise the ideal way to decorate around it. Keep the following tips in mind based on the different TV stands available.

  • A traditional TV stand has ample drawers and cupboards, making it a good storage option ideal for a smaller home. It’s a suitable choice when you have too many gadgets and accessories like gaming consoles, remote controls and extra Bluetooth speakers to keep out of sight but accessible.
  • A TV stand with open shelves must be decorated tastefully so they, along with the wall behind, become the room’s focal point.
  • Oversized TV stands give the best fit for a larger living room and more scope for accessorizing. Choose decorative pieces and accessories carefully to make the most of their design.

Modern TV stands come in a variety of styles that can complement any interior design, but it will only become the perfect match after you decorate it properly. We’ve shared these decor and TV stand ideas to better guide you. With a little creativity and the help of a well-stocked modern furniture store, you can easily spruce up your living room.

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