The Ultimate Guide to Setting Up a Bar at Home

Do you like hosting parties? Then shouldn’t setting up a bar be the first item on your to-do list? Having your own bar adds an extraordinary design element to any space. By establishing a classy entertainment area at home, you can host parties in peace without worrying about the availability of a venue or compromising on your favourite drinks. But before you get too excited about this new addition, you need to consider two major things that will be discussed in this blog post. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Bar at home

How to Set Up a Bar at Home

Once you have decided to set up a bar, focus on these two factors:


Homeowners traditionally prefer to set up a bar in their kitchen, dining or living areas. These are great options, but what about your outdoor dining area or basement? If you have an al fresco dining area at home, set up a bar and sip your preferred cocktails with friends or family under the open sky. And the basement is an ideal place to entertain guests and gives you an excuse to renovate what is often an underutilized space.

Must-Have Bar Essentials

Once you have picked a spot for your home bar, the next step is to choose all the must-have essentials listed below:

  • Bar Stools

Bar stools are unavoidable. They come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, finishes and styles, and blend with any décor. Keep reading to find out the important types to help you select the one suitable for your bar.

  • Low Back Stools

Low back stools are one of the common types of home bar furniture. The backrest provides support and comfort while retaining the traditional look of a stool.

  • High Back Stools

These stools offer optimal comfort as the high backrest provides support. They have a classic look that adds an edge to your home’s interiors.

  • Rolled Back Stools

If you want to complement your home’s traditional décor with flair and style, rolled back stools are best. They feature mid-length backs that gently roll back.

  • Armed Bar Stools

Armed bar stools exhibit an age-old style that complements traditional décor. They feature a tall backrest along with armed sides to offer the utmost comfort.

These are common bar stools available in contemporary furniture stores in the GTA. Choose the one that suits you best and get shopping.

Home bar design

  • Bar Cart

A bar cart is a beautiful piece of furniture that looks extremely chic when liquor bottles are stacked neatly. You can keep the alcohol at the bottom along with the glassware and leave the top portion empty to make drinks.

  • Console Table

Not everyone is fond of a bar cart. Another great solution is a console table. Arrange all the bottles neatly at the top of the table and keep other bar essentials like mixers and glassware in the middle or bottom. You can also keep a little space at the sides to decorate it with other home décor items like a flower vase or lamps.

  • Barware

Bar spoons, muddlers, jiggers, strainers, shakers, ice cube trays and stir sticks are some of the tools your bar should have.

  • Glassware

A bar is incomplete without proper glassware including champagne flutes, beer mugs, brandy snifters, and highball and margarita glasses. Having this glassware lets you serve drinks like a professional.

  • Liquor

In the end what steals the show at a bar is your collection of liquor bottles. From whiskey, rum, brandy, wine, champagne, vodka, gin and tequila to scotch, select your favourites and display your bottles on a bar table, cart or cabinet.

And that’s how you set up a bar at home. Decide on the place and then begin arranging a bar. Either go for a bar cart or console table based on what suits you best and then display your unique collection of liquor bottles and glassware. Soon enough you’ll be hosting parties as fun as your local lounge or pub.


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