Is Buying Teak Furniture a Good Idea?

Teak has been around for centuries and has been a preferred choice for various types of furniture over centuries. It has been a top choice for royalty all over the globe. Teak originated from Burma, modern day Myanmar, which is a south eastern country known to have variable climate. ‘Burmese teak’ is of premium quality and was the only kind of teak available earlier that would be transported to far and wide lands. However what we discuss here are the reasons why this wood continues to be such a popular choice even today.

When we talk of modern furniture there are scores of materials like metals (iron, steel, aluminum, etc.), plastics, vinyls, bamboo, other woods that have emerged as viable options. However, teak continues to enjoy a premium position and reputation even now. As mentioned earlier, teak was sourced from Burma, a country that had variable climate alternating between dry and wet seasons. The variations in temperature would make the wood more resilient and durable. Though teak is commercially cultivated in various other countries these days, it continues to win over its counterparts primarily owing to its durability. Here are some reasons why buying teak furniture is a great idea.



Teak is extremely and probably the most durable of all kinds of wood. Though it comes with a premium attached, it is worth every penny, because you can be rest assured that it will last you a lifetime and actually become an asset that can be enjoyed by forthcoming generations.

Easy maintenance

It is very easy to maintain teak wood furniture. All you need to do is wash it with a little warm soapy solution to get rid of accumulated dirt and dust. After wiping it dry, you can polish it with teak wood oil. It is also fine if you don’t because it is naturally resilient and has natural oils. You can also use a garden hose to spray clean teak furniture.


Teak wood looks very attractive with its golden brown shade giving it a regal and sophisticated appeal. It is common for fine cracks to appear on the surface of teak, but they are superficial. These cracks do not run deep and pose no threat of damage to the furniture. However, these cracks may cause changes in the color of the wood.

Environment friendly

Teak is a 100% natural and organic wood option for furniture. Though hundreds of trees are felled to procure this special wood they are replanted to replenish the loss ensuring minimal damage to the environment. Also it is a safe option to use as it is free of chemicals and allergens as compared to other materials and poses no health hazard.

With these advantages, it is easy to see that teak is a great option for furniture. However, original teak may be more expensive than other wood options, but is certainly worth the investment. also if you are planning to buy teak, beware of duplicates and copies!

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