Make a Style Statement with Mirrors in Your Home

Mirrors are a great addition to any type of home decor. From traditional to modern interiors, mirrors play a major role in beautifying a space. They can be centrepieces that boost the mood of a given space or can be used in creating fantasy-like spaces in your home. Don’t stick with the basic square or rectangle mirrors, instead select a style that is extraordinary and will blend with the interiors of your home.

We will take you through how to make a style statement with mirrors in your home, read on!

  • A cluster at a corner

Pick a corner in your home and hang mirrors of dissimilar sizes and shapes. It may look chaotic but that is the charm of this kind of arrangement. You can keep it all mirrors or you can add other decorating items like wall hangings or wood sculptures.

  • A wall of mirrors

You can make a statement wall with sectional mirrors of different shapes and sizes covering the entire wall. This looks great in a living space or at the entryway. These are custom-made mirrors so decide on your choice and order it.

  • A statement mirror in the bathroom

A bathroom usually has a functional mirror but it’s time to add some twist to it. Fix an unusual mirror above the sink decorated with driftwood and spice up this neutral shade place.

  • The ceiling of your bedroom

Usually seen in luxury boutique hotels, ceiling mirrors act as a great decorative piece for your bedroom. Stylish, chic and contemporary, the ceiling mirrors are light-weight for safety purposes. Select simple mirrors to hang at the ceiling to enhance the beauty of your bedroom.

  • At the centre

Mirrors have and will continue to dominate the interiors of your home as centrepieces. An antique piece or amalgamation of circle shaped mirrors of varied sizes will augment the look of your living space.

  • Along the stairway

Add glamour to your stairs by collaging the wall with a variety of mirrors of different shapes and sizes. You can also hang photo frames along with these mirrors for variety sake.

  • Panels of a wardrobe

Mirror panels on a wardrobe are in demand for their utility. It beautifies your room and makes it look brighter and larger. Mirror panels are light-weight compared to wood and other types of coverings. This is a smart way to add a wow factor to any room in your house.

  • On the entryway

If you have a garden with a seating place near the entrance of your home, then place a mirror on the porch. This will reflect the nature’s colours and make an apt relaxation spot for your home.

  • The way you like

It’s not necessary to hang an old-school style of hanging mirrors on the wall. You can keep it loose against a blank wall. This is usually seen beside a dressing table or in bathrooms. Order a custom-made mirror and place this mirror wherever you desire that will fit it best.

These are some of the best ways to incorporate mirrors as decorative tools in your home. This will increase the aesthetic value of your property and also make a style statement. For flattering compliments from visitors, follow the above-listed guide and get started. You can also check out our collection!

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