Modern or Contemporary– What Furniture Style Should You Choose?

Furniture doesn’t just exist to fill space. It’s art, and like all art it’s meant to elevate the physical space it is in. To visitors, your choice of furniture showcases your aesthetic sense and what you value artistically.

As such, there’s no point in randomly purchasing dining collections, chairs, sofas or any other furniture. What you need to do is first decide which broad aesthetic style of furniture is a better fit for you–modern or contemporary.

If you’re unsure, don’t worry. This post will help. Let’s go into the fundamentals.

 What is the difference between modern and contemporary furniture?

Modern furniture is sleek and glamorous while at the same time functional. There are several benefits to having modern furniture, but it’s the space economy it provides that makes it an ideal choice for apartment or office life.


Contemporary furniture is more focused on personalization. Say for example you like current styling statements; but you are afraid of changing your mind at some point and switching to a traditional motif. Then contemporary furniture is your ideal choice. It’s this multi-purpose design that makes contemporary furniture popular for people wanting both a trendy and classic feel.


Is there a difference in the materials between the two?

Sometimes, but not always. A contemporary bench may be made completely out of solid wood, a modern accent chair may have a metallic base for its lustre, etc. The material make up of each style really depends on the manufacturer, price point and purpose of the item.

 If modern furniture focuses more on functionality, does that mean it’s worth less?

Absolutely not! Like contemporary furniture, modern furniture is available at all price points. Although some designer series might be heavier on your pockets, others may meet your budget.

The reason modern collections can range so much in price, is because modern furniture is usually composed of an amalgamation of materials.

Does modern furniture sacrifice creative design for practical innovation?

Modern furniture can be as creatively designed as contemporary furniture. Modern furniture is not limited to being a collection of rectangular or oval shapes. Instead, chairs can be shaped like a tulip or be crafted in the form of a dice.

The size, shape, combination of colours and detail lends modern furniture its own flare.

At the end of the day, both modern and contemporary furniture are a great investment. It really comes down to the aim and vision you have for your home, room or office.

For this reason, although shopping online can be easy, it is only by visiting your neighbourhood furniture store can you really judge the items yourself.

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