Organize your closet!

It is indeed a challenging task to have an organized closet, considering the number of things we tend to store in them. Whether open or close, organized closets not only look good, but are also very helpful in finding useful things in a jiffy. A well-organized closet spares us the loss of time and energy spent while rummaging through piles of stuff randomly stacked in a closet. It is a good idea to organize and re-organize your closet periodically. This exercise may take up some of your valuable time and energy, but certainly pays off in the long run. You can keep in mind a few thumb rules that go a long way in keeping a closet neat and clean.

  • Arrange your closet at least once in three months
  • Discard things and clothes that you have not used in the last six months (barring seasonal attire)
  • Every time you add something to your closet, try discarding something to make space for the new item. This way you will avoid clutter.
  • Use closet and drawer organizers to group small things for storage. Use hangers or hooks to hang scarves, belts, ties, necklaces, small boxes for trinkets, clips and pins, trays for larger things, folders for documents, etc.
  • Opt for closets that come with inter-changeable and adjustable shelves and racks, so that you can customize the available space according to your needs that may change from time to time.
  • Avoid using a vacuum cleaner in your closet

To start with you ought to decide on the things that you need easy access to. Some common things that feature in every closet are clothes (trousers, sweaters, blouses, T-shirts, shirts, ties, scarves, dresses etc.), shoes, bags, accessories (belts, jewelry, etc.) inner wear, important documents, etc. You can also choose to classify your possessions on the basis of usage, formal and informal, seasons or any other to suit your preferences. Here is how should go about cleaning and organizing your closet:

  1. Sort:

Empty your closet and remove everything. Create stacks or groups for each type of item, for e.g. pants, blouses, work wear, etc. including jewelry, accessories and shoes as well.

  1. Prioritize:

Depending upon usage, prioritize what you need at arm’s reach.

  1. Stack and store

Once you have done this, next you need to decide where to keep what. You can choose to hang your dresses and pants on the hanging rods, and stack blouses, shirts, T-shirts, etc. Line up the shoes neatly in the lowest rack of the closet. Inner-wear can be stored in drawers or boxes to avoid leaving them exposed and open.

  1. Add freshness

Place fragrant oil dispensers or fresh air dispensers to lend a fresh clean feel to your clothes

Follow these handy tips and you can pride yourself on having a neat and clean, great looking closet!

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