Welcome to the exquisite Barcelona Bedroom collection by Bijan Interiors, one of the leading condo sized furniture store in Toronto. Step into a world of luxury and elegance with this European-exclusive design and construction, crafted to perfection.

The Barcelona Bedroom features a beautiful colour combination of Arena and Chocolate Brillo, bringing a touch of timeless charm to your space. The rich brown lacquer finish on the wood adds a hint of opulence, while the large drawers with smooth railing mechanisms ensure convenience and easy use.

At the heart of this remarkable collection is the Barcelona Platform Bed. Its headboard boasts a captivating beige-grey and brown design, creating a sense of tranquility and sophistication. With self-closing mechanisms on all drawers, this bed is not just stylish but practical too.

The Barcelona Dresser is a sleek addition to your bedroom, offering ample storage for your clothing and belongings. Its high gloss lacquer finish adds brilliance and elegance to your space, making it a standout piece in the collection.

Complement your bedroom decor with the Barcelona Mirror, reflecting light and your impeccable taste. Its high gloss lacquer finish adds a touch of sophistication, enhancing the overall beauty of your room.

Add a touch of grace and versatility with the Barcelona Standing Mirror. Its elegant design allows you to position it wherever you like, adding depth and dimension to your space.

For the perfect balance of style and functionality, the Barcelona Nightstand is a must-have. With its smooth drawers and high gloss lacquer finish, it adds the finishing touch to your bedroom ensemble.

If you need extra storage, the Barcelona Chest offers an abundance of drawers, combining practicality with timeless beauty. Its brown lacquer finish and high gloss lacquer elements create a captivating visual contrast.

Indulge in the sophistication of the Barcelona Bedroom collection, where exclusive design meets exceptional craftsmanship. Each piece, featuring high gloss lacquer finishes, wood veneer, and MDF materials, ensures durability and style. Elevate your living space to a new level of refined elegance with the Barcelona Bedroom collection from Bijan Interiors. Experience luxury and grace like never before.


Materials: Wood veneer, MDF
Finishes: High Gloss Lacquer



Available Items Dimensions
Barcelona H/B Q.S w/ lights
Width: 63.78″
Depth: 4.72″
Height: 41.34″
Barcelona Platform Q.S.

Needs Wframe Q.S.
Width: 83″
Depth: 8″
Height: 12″
Wooden Slat Frame, Queens Size, folded in 2 parts, with 6 legs, 150×200
Width: 63.78″
Depth: 82.6″
Height: 12.6″
Barcelona Platform w/Storage QS / 2115/
Width: 63.27″
Depth: 83.99″
Height: 13.78″
Barcelona H/B K.S w/ lights
Width: 80.31″
Depth: 4.72″
Height: 41.34″
Barcelona Platform K.S

Need Wframe K.S
Depth: 87″
Wooden Slat Frame, King Size folded in 2 parts with 6 legs 193×200
Width: 80.31″
Depth: 82.60″
Height: 12.6″
Barcelona Platform w/Storage KS
Width: 79.41″
Depth: 83.39″
Height: 13.78″
Barcelona Nightstand
Width: 22.83″
Depth: 18.5″
Height: 17.36″
Barcelona Dresser 120
Width: 46.46″
Depth: 19.21″
Height: 36.61″
Barcelona Dresser 150
Width: 58.27″
Depth: 19.49″
Height: 32.91″
Barcelona Mirror
Width: 39.37″
Depth: 1″
Height: 39.37″
Barcelona Standing Mirror
Width: 30″
Depth: 1.57″
Height: 76.46″
Barcelona Chest
Width: 22.83″
Depth: 18.5″
Height: 46.06″
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