“Discover the charm of modern luxury with a stunning Dafne Bedroom collection available at Bijan Interiors. This collection showcases a stylish white high gloss finish that adds elegance to your space. Crafted in Italy, each piece is not only beautiful but also practical.

The Dafne Bedroom pieces, like the nightstand, dresser, and chest, come with soft-close drawers, ensuring quiet and effortless closing. They are made using high-quality materials like wood veneer, wood-based panels, metal, and MDF, making them durable and appealing.

A notable feature is the high gloss lacquer finish that not only looks great but also makes cleaning a breeze.

Let’s explore the dimensions:

Dafne Bed QS White and Dafne Bed KS White:
Experience comfort and style with the Dafne Beds. The Queen Size (QS) measures Width: 76.37″”, Depth: 85″”, Height: 48″”. The King Size (KS) measures Width: 93.3″”, Depth: 85″”, Height: 48″”. They need a wooden slat frame for support.

Dafne Night Stand White:
Upgrade your bedside with the Dafne Night Stand. It’s sized at Width: 27.17″”, Depth: 16.14″”, Height: 22.44″”, offering both style and storage.

Dafne Double Dresser White:
The Dafne Double Dresser combines elegance and function, with measurements of Width: 68.11″”, Depth: 21″”, Height: 33″”. There’s plenty of space for your belongings.

Dafne Mirror White:
Add depth to your room with the Dafne Mirror. It measures Width: 39″”, Depth: 1.5″”, Height: 41.5″”, and complements your dresser perfectly.

Dafne Chest White:
The Dafne Chest stands tall at Width: 39″”, Depth: 52″”, Height: 51.5″”. It offers ample storage and makes a stylish statement.

For more storage options, consider the special-order 4-door and 5-door Dafne wardrobes. The Dafne 4 Door Wardrobe measures Width: 85″”, Depth: 24″”, Height: 90.5″”, while the Dafne 5 Door Wardrobe measures Width: 106″”, Depth: 24″”, Height: 90.5″”.

Elevate your space with the Italian craftsmanship and modern design of the Dafne Bedroom collection of Bijan, one of the contemporary furniture stores in Toronto. This bedroom collection is not just furniture; it’s a reflection of your taste for the finer things in life.


Materials: Wood veneer, Wood-based panel, Metal, MDF
Finishes: High Gloss Lacquer


Dafne Bed QS White

need wooden slat frame
Width: 76.37″
Depth: 85″
Height: 48″
Dafne Bed KS White

need wooden slat frame
Width: 93.3″
Depth: 85″
Height: 48″
Dafne Night Stand White
Width: 27.17″
Depth: 16.14″
Height: 22.44″
Dafne Double Dresser White
Width: 68.11″
Depth: 21″
Height: 33″
Dafne Mirror White
Width: 39″
Depth: 1.5″
Height: 41.5″
Dafne Chest White
Width: 39″
Depth: 52″
Height: 51.5″
Wooden Slats Frame QS
Width: 60″
Depth: 79″
Height: 3″
Wooden Slats Frame KS
Width: 76″
Depth: 79″
Height: 3″
Dafne 4 Door Wardrobe

Available for Special Order
Width: 85″
Depth: 24″
Height: 90.5″
Dafne 5 Door Wardrobe

Available for Special Order
Width: 106″
Depth: 24″
Height: 90.5″


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