Decorate your bedroom with Tornado set, which gives an elegant modern feel and look.

Headboard upholster : Fabric Madone Crudo
Wood finish: Roble Sawyer,Asfalto


Materials: Eco Leather, Fabric, Solid Wood, Wood veneer, Wood-based panel
Finishes: Mat


Tornado QS Headboard

Width: 112.60″
Depth: 2.76″
Height: 47.24″

Tornado QS Platform

Needs a Slats Frame
Width: 63.78″
Depth: 82.5″
Height: 12.5″

Wooden Slats Frame QS

Width: 60″
Depth: 79″
Height: 3″

Valencia Frame Q.S.

Width: 60″
Depth: 79″
Height: 10″

Tornado KS Headboard

Width: 131″
Depth: 2.76″
Height: 47″

Tornado KS Platform

Needs a Slats Frame
Width: 80″
Depth: 12.60″
Height: 82.6″

Wooden Slats Frame KS 193×202

Width: 38*2″
Depth: 79″
Height: 11″

Valencia Frame K.S.

Width: 39*2″
Depth: 79″
Height: 10″
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