Jazz up your home office with Beverly Home Office Collection by Bijan Interiors, one of the leading furniture stores in Toronto where craftsmanship, tradition, and the finest materials converge to create a masterpiece of elegance and functionality.

Dedication to traditional workmanship and the use of exquisite materials are at the heart of the Beverly Home Office Collection. Crafted with unparalleled skill and care, each piece represents the embodiment of Italian craftsmanship, setting a new standard for the world of furniture. The elegant Dakota vase holder, cloaked in sumptuous quilted leather, stands as a majestic centerpiece within your home.

Quilting is not merely a technique but a way of life. The collections bear witness to the mastery of this refined art form, setting them apart from mass-produced counterparts. The delicate, handcrafted quilting in the Beverly Home Office Collection underscores the distinction between an artisanal creation and one churned out by industrial means.


Versatile Configurations
The Beverly Home Office Collection offers a wide array of configurations, ensuring that you can tailor your workspace to meet your unique needs and style preferences. Whether you require a spacious executive desk, a compact writing desk, or a multifunctional workstation, this collection has the perfect solution for you.

Materials and Colours

The freedom to express your personal style is paramount in the Beverly Collection. You’ll find a carefully curated selection of materials and colors, allowing you to customize your home office with a palette that resonates with your taste. From luxurious leather finishes to sleek, contemporary options, each piece radiates its own distinct charm.


The Beverly Home Office Collection is available in a range of sizes, accommodating different spaces and room layouts. Whether you have a dedicated home office or need to maximize space in a multifunctional room, these versatile pieces offer the perfect fit. The collection’s flexibility ensures that you can create a workspace that harmonizes seamlessly with your surroundings.

Beverly Home Office Collection transcends mere furniture; it encapsulates a lifestyle of refinement and productivity. Each piece, born from the rich tradition of Italian craftsmanship, is a testament to the enduring quality and attention to detail that defines our commitment to excellence. Elevate your home office to a realm of unparalleled sophistication with the Beverly Collection of Bijan Interiors, where every workday becomes a masterpiece of style and function.


Available in different configurations, Materials, and colors.


Available in many sizes.

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