How to Decorate a Formal Dining Room (7 Useful Tips)

A formal dining room is an integral part of an inspiring home. There’s something special about it because it offers the perfect space to enjoy a sit-down dinner with family and friends. In short, it’s the perfect entertainment hub. Plus, a well-decorated formal dining room ups the overall style game of your home decor.

Could your dining room use a quick makeover? Here are a few handy tips to create a one-of-a-kind dining space that encourages conversations.

7 Amazing Decor Ideas to Create an Inspiring Dining Room

Are you looking to create an inspiring gathering spot to enjoy meals and quality conversation? Then try these decor ideas to design a unique dining space.

1) Establish a Focal Point

When designing a space, whether casual or formal, you must first have a focal point.

For a formal dining room, make the table the centre of attention so your dinner companions are the main focus. This gives the space a flow and creates an intimate setting for guests. When choosing furniture, make sure you get the dining table first before buying accessories to complement this focal point.
Establish a Focal Point

2) Play with Colours

It is a misconception that formal dining rooms should be decorated in neutral colours. You can add a wide spectrum of colours so long as you strike a balance. For example, for a dining room painted in a lighter shade, choose dark-coloured upholstery. To give it a balanced look, use patterned rug and table runners, plus solid wallpaper. Choose complementary colours to make the room sophisticated yet eye-catching.

Play with colors in your dining room

3) Create a Clutter-Free Space

Since formal dining rooms aren’t used often, they sometimes become a catchall space for shopping bags, unread books and whatnot. So, decluttering is the key. If you incorporate repurposed items, like inherited furniture or an antique vase, they should seamlessly blend with your dining room décor.

4) Find the Right Lighting

Lighting brings all elements of a room together. No matter how beautifully you’ve decorated a room, without proper lighting it won’t make a mark. From dramatic chandeliers to minimalist pendant lights, you can choose from a variety of traditional and contemporary light fixtures to match your dining room.

There are rules to follow, however. For example, avoid downlights directly over chairs so shadows aren’t cast on guests’ faces. Or, to highlight artwork, add wall sconces.

Find the Right Lighting

5) Mix and Match

Mixing and matching furniture, lighting, and other elements is a great way to make a statement and add a creative touch to an otherwise dull room. Although you’re decorating a formal dining room, adding mismatched furniture will add interest and give it a unique look. For example, to break the monotony and enhance your dining room’s visual appeal, use four neutral dining chairs and two upholstered chairs with attractive patterns.

6) Decorate with Seasonal Blooms

Flowers are a beautiful addition to any style of decor. Not only do they fill a room with their enchanting fragrance but they add vibrant colours. Accentuate your dining table with a vase filled with seasonal blooms while creating an amazing gathering spot for guests.

7) Create a Conversation Starter

Create interesting decor to promote conversation. It could be anything, like artwork, a gallery wall, eye-catching wallpaper, a faceted ceiling or a Victorian mirror. A one-of-a-kind addition will spark talk and make your dining room somewhat unconventional.

To create an inviting formal dining space, you need to inject your personality into the decor. It should reflect your style and make guests feel relaxed. There’s no need to recreate a home decor magazine layout. Instead, look for pieces that blend with your living space to make your diners feel welcome and comfortable. Try the above-mentioned tips to design an inspiring formal dining room and share how it turned out. You can write to us at

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