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Bijan Interiors is a trusted seller of leather furniture in Toronto. We have a wide selection of high-end pieces that are designed to give a luxurious look to your home décor. The muted colours, the sophisticated look and the upscale finish of these items are sure to up the style game of your living space. Our products are from top brands such as Tonin Casa, Formenti, Incanto Group, Zuo and Antonello Italia. Each piece in our exclusive collection features class, panache and style to give a unique appeal to your home.

We are the best leather furniture store in Toronto because-

  • We have a huge collection of finest pieces at affordable prices
  • Our products are made of high-quality materials
  • We make sure our customers get full value for money
  • Our sales professionals ensure that you get all the information about the products
  • Our products are famous for their sturdiness, stylish appearance and durability

Take your home décor to the next level by buying leather furniture from our Toronto store. We have a wide range of luxurious items to fit your lifestyle. Contact us to get more details.

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Leather Furniture Care Tips

Do you want to keep your modern leather furniture in good shape? If so, go through the following care tips compiled by the experts at our Toronto store.

  • Regular dusting with a dry cloth or vacuuming with a brush attachment is necessary to clean the dust and dirt on the surface
  • Wipe up excess liquid using a sponge or absorbent cloth
  • Do not use detergent soap, ammonia water, furniture polish, cleaning solvents or abrasive cleaners for cleaning the surface
  • To fix minor scratches, use your fingers to gently buff the affected area
  • Test the leather surface in a hidden spot before trying any cleaning method for the first time
  • Use a good conditioner twice in a year to retain the shine
  • Avoid placing printed fabric on the surface as the material can absorb dyes

To learn more about maintenance tips, contact our team at 416-301-2020. We’ll assist you with the best practices to take care of your favourite Italian leather furniture pieces.

Interesting Facts about Leather Furniture

Leather furniture pieces are famous for their toughness, elegance and durability. But, there are several other interesting facts associated with these incredible items. Let’s have a look.

  • They are made of a non-absorbent material; therefore, they are easy to clean
  • They don’t generate heat as leather is a natural material
  • They repel smells from cigars and cigarettes
  • With age, they become more beautiful because ageing brings out the natural patina
  • They are easy to care for as all you need to do is use a conditioner once in six months

Hurry up and give a new look to your home décor by ordering a custom leather furniture from our store. We offer luxurious pieces in a variety of styles, finishes and colours so that you get your desired piece. Visit our leather furniture store in Toronto to choose from a plethora of sophisticated items.

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