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Bijan Interiors is a trusted seller of high-quality leather sofas in Toronto. Our products offer a perfect combination of comfort and style. Whether you want a traditional piece for your existing home décor or want to give a new look to your living space with a contemporary item, our versatile collection will never disappoint you. We have attractive furniture items for homes, condos, and offices. Give us a visit to have a look at our diverse range of timeless pieces designed to accentuate every style of interior design.

Apart from modern leather sofas, our collection also includes-

Antonello Italia, Formenti, Formerin Italian, Incanto Group, Tonin Casa and Tonelli are some of the top brands that we have in our collection. Check our product catalogue to choose eye-catching and functional leather sofas for your Toronto home. For more details, get in touch with us at (416) 301-2020.

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Leather Sofas: Classification of Materials Used

When buying a new piece from a leather sofa store in Toronto, make sure that you consider the type of material used for making it. Check out this guide on the popular types of leather used in sofas to understand which one will be a suitable choice for your home.

  • Full-Grain

Full-grain is the hide that has not been sanded or buffed. It is one of the highest-quality and most expensive grades of leather. The material is left in its natural state and only animal hair is removed from the hide while retaining the natural look of the grains. It is soaked in the vegetable dye and no additional treatment is done. It is durable, stiff and breathable.

  • Top-Grain

Top grain is the outermost layer of a hide. It is a little more polished than full grain. It is the strongest and most durable part of the hide. It goes through the buffing process which makes it softer than its counterparts.

  • Split-Grain

The second layer of the hide (the layer below the top grain) is known as split grain. It is naturally soft, inexpensive, less durable and more difficult to maintain. It is mostly used in the hidden areas of the furniture.

The life of a sectional leather sofa depends on the type of material it is made of. The next time you go to purchase one for your home, make sure that you inquire about the material and its quality.

At Bijan Interiors, you get only top-quality pieces without compromising on style. You can trust us to get superior products for the best prices.

Why Choose Us to Buy Leather Sofa in Toronto

At Bijan Interiors, we offer the best leather sofas in Toronto. Each product in our collection is made of premium quality materials. You should choose us because-

  • We have an impressive range of stunning pieces to take your home décor to the next level
  • Our products symbolize our creative and technical expertise in furniture making
  • Our sale professionals are always present to help you in selecting the right piece for your home
  • From traditional to contemporary, we offer any style of the piece you’re looking for
  • We provide exceptional customer service whenever you need us
  • Our convenient Uptown store location is easily accessible

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