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The living room is considered to be the focal point in most homes. The sofa is a piece of furniture that draws in the most amount of attention. At Bijan Interiors, we choose the finest modern sofas in Toronto to bring our customers a sense of contemporary elegance and luxury that they expect. We are a home furnishing retailer located in Toronto, who specializes in home furnishings that are perfect for houses or condominiums.

We offer a range of custom-made sofas ranging from luxurious and sophisticated to playful with endless possibilities. Our furniture designs are nothing like you have ever seen before.

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Make a Bold Statement with Our Sofas in Toronto

We can help you choose the perfect sofa for your living space. Our products ensure you make a bold statement while also retaining exceptional design and comfort with timeless elegance. Browse through our collection of sectional and custom-made sofas in Toronto. Marrying proportion and scale to endless finishes and seating configurations, we can help you create the couch of your dreams for your home.

Our mission is to provide our customers with professional and friendly service along with extensive knowledge of high-end furniture. Our aim is to make your visit as comfortable as possible. Client satisfaction and convenience is our top priority, which is why we assure our clients will be met with the best customer service in Toronto.

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Things to Consider When Choosing a Sofa for Your Home

With so many options available in the market, choosing the right sofa for your home can become a difficult choice. You should make sure that the couch you choose has the fabric, colour and style that you like. It should also fit in the dimensions of the room while providing adequate seating for everyone present. Here is a list of components you should consider before purchasing a new couch for your home in Toronto.

  • Fabric

The fabric you choose for your couch is as important as anything else.  Fabric is a huge factor in whether or not a sofa is right for your home. When selecting the fabric for your new sofa, consider the style along with the comfort you want it to provide. They are in no way a cheap investment and so ensure you select the best choice for your space.

  • Style

Style is another important aspect you should consider since it is vital to ensuring your new sofa suits the decor of your room. Whether your space has a contemporary or traditional look, you will want your couch to match the rest of the interiors and not look out of place. That’s why, the best thing to do is look for a colour and design that you like, which will go well with the elements of the room.

  • Room Size

This is an important factor that is often overlooked but it can be a risky move to do so. Failing to measure the size of the room before purchasing a sofa could result in selecting an option that doesn’t fit in your space. It could also leave your room looking very out of proportion. You should think about the height and depth of the couch to ensure it doesn’t look too small or big for the room.

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