How to Transform Your Dining Room into a Stylish Hangout Area

Dining areas are a favourite gathering spot for family and friends to enjoy good food, wine and a lot of conversation. Thus, creating the perfect ambiance for this room is very important to make it welcoming for your loved ones. In this blog post, we’ll give you some simple ideas to update and transform the look of your plain old dining room.

  • Decorate Your Ceiling

Most homeowners often forget about how their ceiling contributes to the overall appearance of a room. Think of it as the fifth wall in your home, displaying the architectural details of your space. Even if it’s simple and plain without beams or any other architectural structures, you can still change the look of your ceiling to introduce a fresh look to your room. Put up beautiful wallpaper or paint unique designs in muted colours on your dining room ceiling to give it new life.

  • Update Your Dining Furniture

Dining setOne of the best ways to transform the look of your dining room is to get a new dining table and chairs. Pick dining furniture that suits your stylistic preferences, be it modern, rustic or vintage. Mix and match your seating for a more customized look.

If you don’t have the budget to buy new furniture, then make a few changes to your existing set to give it an exclusive look. For example, add beautiful slipcovers with your monogram on your dining chairs to instantly revitalize their appearance.

  • Spruce up Regular Décor Items

LightingThere are various items in your dining room that you can update and experiment with. Change your lighting over the table with a new, cool light fixture. You can opt for an eye-catching chandelier or a contemporary style industrial lighting. If you don’t want to change your existing light fixture, you can upgrade its appearance in various ways. For example, if your lighting has a plain drum shade, decorate it with ribbons in contrasting colours.

Hang up creative wall art on any blank wall in the room that complements its colour. If you want to create a Victorian or rustic look for your dining space, you can also experiment with different styles of mirrors instead of hanging a modern wall painting or wall art.

  • Give a Lift to the Walls

WallpaperIf you’re not fond of wallpaper, take your dining room from boring to beautiful by painting the walls in a creative way. Paint them in plain horizontal stripes using two light contrasting colours to add an interesting pattern to the walls. You can also paint them in a single bright colour like Greenery, the Pantone colour of the year, to liven up the room with its vibrancy.

Adding elegance and warmth to your dining room should be your main focus. Add matching area rugs, cabinets, floor-length draperies, table sculptures to support the primary updates. Reach out to a professional interior decorator if you’re still unsure how to give your boring dining room a stylish makeover.

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