The Ultimate Sofa Buying Guide

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A sofa is an important part of your furniture collection. It’s a big investment which stays with your family for years, sometimes decades. It plays an integral role in your living room decor. Therefore, it’s necessary to consider various aspects before buying one.

Buying a new sofa means a variety of options to consider such as styles, brands, features, and sizes. This might be a bit confusing. That’s why we’ve created a sofa buying guide to help you get the finest piece of furniture.

Size of Your Room

Your living room size and the area you have allotted for the sofa is the first thing to consider before buying one. Measure your room space while keeping the height, length, and width of your sofa in your mind. It will help you get an idea of the footprint your sofa will have. Make sure that you have enough room to walk around comfortably after you place your sofa. If you live in an apartment, then consider purchasing an apartment-sized sofa that is smaller in size compared to the regular-sized sofas and can fit in smaller spaces like an apartment room.

Sofa Style

There are a variety of sofa styles available that are designed according to different seating space requirements. For example, loveseats are 2-seaters designed for a cozy space, sectionals offer seating space for more than four people and are best suited for open floor plans and sleeper sofas or sofa beds are designed for functional living spaces. Therefore, consider your style of living and the number of family members and then choose a suitable sofa style.


Frame material and cushion fabric play vital roles in defining your style. The durability and versatility of your sofa also depend on the material and fabric. Sofas made of hardwood such as oak, walnut, cherry, and beech are more durable compared to their counterparts made of particle board (composite wood materials). A metal framed sofa is also a sturdy option if you don’t live in a coastal area. When it comes to fabric, consider neutral shades so that you can add colours and patterns with throw pillows. That said, if you want to give a rich look to your room, then choose leather or if you want to conceal stains and spots, then tweed will be your best bet.

Cushion Types

Generally, there are two types of back cushions available, pillow back and tight back. Both of them have their pros and cons. For example, pillow back is easy to remove for cleaning and allows you to change the covers for creating a new look but it can change shape and its fluffiness reduces with time. Tight back is where the cushions are sewn into the frame. This type of cushion style ensures that cushions are not shifting around. But, the biggest drawback is that it is difficult to clean and can wear down at a certain place over time.

If you’re planning to buy a new sofa for your living room, then consider these points before making the big investment. These points are important and can help you get the best quality sofa that suits your style, requirement, and décor.

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