How to Use the Sideboard Right

The sideboard is a low-height furniture piece which has ample storage space and the versatility to fit into the decor of any room. You can derive maximum utility out of it in several ways. Its adaptability makes it popular for many homeowners for complementing their home decor as well as to stow away essential home accessories that are used occasionally.

Use the Sideboard Right

This post is a detailed guide that will help you find the perfect sideboard which will match your home decor and fulfils all your storage needs.


When you go shopping, you will come across different variations of the sideboard. They are compact pieces which can provide more storage than they appear capable of. The following are some of the benefits they provide:

  • Accessibility

We all have at least a few sets of cutlery and utensils which are only used on special occasions and the rest of the year they are packed away in a store cupboard. But finding the right crockery in a hurry when guests arrive without any notice is difficult. The sideboard is the perfect place to store such items since its design allows easy accessibility.

  • Display

The top of the sideboard can serve as the perfect display zone. You can utilize this space to display your precious collectables or trophies you have won.  The key is to ensure the exhibits add positively to the overall room decor and does not look cluttered. You can even use the space for ambient lighting by placing small lampshades on the top.

  • Storage

This is the perfect place to store all kinds of items ranging from kid’s toys, magazines, and managing all the items that add to the clutter in your home. Many homeowners choose this furniture to store all kinds of home items. Usually,they have opaque doors or drawers which can hide the items stored inside. Pens, staplers, office accessories, files and documents- all can be organized, and securely kept within this furniture.

  • Versatility

A sideboard can fit into your living room, bedroom, children’s playroom and even close to the kitchen or breakfast nook, depending on its usage. In or around the kitchen, they can be used to store crockeries as well as place the toaster or the coffee maker on top of it. In a child’s room, it is the best place to organize and store the child’s toys.


There are numerous creative ways to use the sideboard in any room of your house.The following are some innovative styling tips which you can employ to use it effectively for balancing the overall decoration of the house.

  • Moderated symmetry

The top of the sideboard can be used as a display for numerous items and it is not essential that the display should be entirely symmetrical. There should be an overall balance between all the items but book-ending with identical accessories like lamps is not essential. Grouping the items as a cluster of three is a great way to impart a symmetry to eclectic decor.

  • Balanced eclectic

Eclectic and haphazardly arranged items which do not have any connection to one another can create a bohemian charm. Achieving the artistic clutter can be tricky and many homeowners end up with only clutter that dampens the overall beauty of the interior. Use symmetrical accessories at both the end of the sideboard and keep a free-flowing assortment of objects between them so the overall look is balanced.

  • Striking theme

When you have a specific decor theme, decorating your home is much easier. Choose a sideboard which is on par with the decor theme. This can be done keeping in mind the ruling hues of the decor or the era you are focusing on. For example, if your interior decor is dominated by wood tones, choose furniture made from similar material to maintain a thematic balance.

  • Adding greenery

Placing small potted plants on the top of the headboard is a great way to add greenery to your home. It also provides a visual break from the monotony of other inanimate objects in your home. You can place a potted plant or a vase of flowers- this is entirely a personal preference.

  • Displaying artwork

The height and design of this furniture is perfect for using the wall above it as a display of artworks. You can consider a collage of frames of varied sizes or a single and large artwork mounted on the wall. Choose art that complements the sideboard as well as serves as a focal point of the room.

Sideboards excel as compact and multi-purpose storage units. In this post we have elaborated on some of the best ways to style sideboards. The useful tips shared will help you make the most of these functional furniture pieces in different areas of your home.

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