8 Awesome Tips to Creating a Warmer Winter Bedroom

There’s nothing better than falling into a cozy, comfortable bed at the end of the day. And it’s positively blissful when that bed is toasty warm in winter. But how can you make your bed and bedroom feel snug and special? From the colour scheme and décor to your furniture and bedding, every aspect can impart warmth to the room both aesthetically and functionally. Maximize the privacy and coziness of your bedroom in winter by upgrading it using the following tips and suggestions.

8 Ways to Get Your Bedroom Winter-Ready

4 Tips for a Warmer Bedroom

Let’s begin by sharing a few suggestions to make your bedroom look and feel warmer.

  1. Winter-themed wallpaper or wall art

Nothing makes your bedroom more welcoming in winter than décor that exudes the vibes of the festive season. Wallpaper or wall art with a winter theme can be a quick makeover. Moreover, they’re not permanent commitments which means you can take them down as spring approaches. Go for versatile neutral colour designs that can be used with any décor.

  1. Single colour scheme

Choose a single colour for the entire bedroom if you’re planning to repaint it. Midnight blue, frosty pinks and variations of these winter colours. To balance the colour, make sure there are hints of it on your accessories and furniture as well. When a single colour is used for the walls, it creates a cozy, enveloping feeling.

  1. The right tables and sideboards

If you plan to refurnish your bedroom this winter, consider adding a bench at the foot of the bed. This can serve several uses, from sitting on it to tie your shoes to assisting with breakfast in bed. Bedroom sideboards are useful for storage, organizing and displaying various show pieces and lampshades which you can match with other elements of your décor.

  1. A touch of drama

Curtains and upholstery in metallic shades or gilded mirrors add just the right amount of drama to your bedroom’s homey atmosphere. If you’re not fond of such bold colours, try textures and patterns. They can also make your bedroom more vibrant and fun than the minimalism and sophistication of monochromatic décor.

4 Tips to Decorating Your Bedroom Set for Winter

As the dominant furniture of the room, your bedroom set plays a vital role in elevating warmth. The following are a few things you can do to make your bed cozier and more pleasant during the cold winter months:

  1. Pillows and cushions

Arrange a pile of pillows or cushions on the bed in different shapes and sizes to make it warmer and plusher. Making your bed look like a boutique hotel bedroom is easy with various types of pillow and cushion arrangements.

  1. Warm bedding accessories

Now’s the time to bring out all your comforters and duvets. There are numerous ways to arrange your bedding. You can fold the coverlets, duvets and comforters neatly at the foot of the bed or spread them halfway so you can easily curl into them.

  1. Choosing the right headboard

When buying a bedroom set, make sure you choose the right headboard. If you have the option to buy the headboard separately, choose a soft and warm material. Metal headboards become much colder in winter than fabric ones. Even leather feels cold initially but warms up after some time resting against it. If your bedroom set comes with a metal or leather headboard, you can always pile up cushions and blankets against it.

  1. Bedside lamps

Lighting plays a vital role in the warmth and coziness of your bedroom. A good bedside lamp imparts a beautiful ambience to the room, and if it has a dimmer, you can easily adjust the lighting. A soft, glowing light is the key to making your bedroom perfectly luxurious.

Upgrading your bedroom for winter is essential to make it functional in the colder months. We hope you can easily make your bedroom look and feel warm with the above-mentioned tips. They’re easy to implement and don’t cost too much which makes them both practical and effective options.

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